Episode 14

Published on:

29th Jun 2020

Civil Contempt, Criminal Contempt, and Motions to Show Cause

In this episode of Law Talk, Tonya Graser Smith joins Bill Powers in a discussion regarding the differences between Criminal and Civil Contempt, possible penalties and sanctions for each, and the real-world application of the NC family laws to disputes.

Failure to comply with a Court Order in North Carolina ordinarily has consequences.

The nature of the Order and the type of alleged violation dictate the appropriate sanctions, if any.

Charlotte Divorce Lawyers regularly litigate issues involving:

  • Criminal Contempt
  • Civil Contempt of Court
  • Motions and Orders to Show Cause

Failure to comply with a Court's Order regarding child custody, visitation, child support, PSS - post separation support, and alimony are common themes of disputes that may result in a Motion and Order to Show Cause.

The "cause" in that instance would be to show why one party "should not be held in contempt of court."

There are important differences regarding a Motion for Criminal Contempt and Civil Contempt Motions in North Carolina.

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